Sunday tour to Vestreim Fjellstugu

After a rather busy and very sunny day at work my alarm set of early on the Sunday morning. The weather prediction was rather accurate- sun, around 0*C and a slightly breeze down in the vally. After an energizing breakfast set of towards the chairlift that would take me up the start of the cross-country tracks that goes into the high alpine areas of Geilo. That was probably my biggest fear of the day- to get off the chairlift with cross-country skiing and the fact that I would have to go down one ski slope in order to come back down to the valley. After contemplating if I should drive to a parking lot that is located close to the ski tracks and thus miss a very nice bit of skiing I decided on the chairlift alternative.


The view from the start of the skitrack at Geiloheisen


When I got of the lift (Geiloheisen) I took directly to the left for about 150 meters and went on the track towards Havsdalshovda and then I just followed the signs towards Budaldammen and later on Vestreim Fjellstugu. Since being the last Sunday of the winter vacations it would be a lie to say that I was alone on the mountain. The Norwegians have a really special ski culture and more or less everyone goes on cross-country skis and they are good at it. VERY good. Thus yesterday was mostly spent by being passed by everyone from small children, dogs to old retired couples.



After some climbing the track starts to go down towards Vestreim Fellstugu


Vestreim Fjellstugu

When In Vestreim I bourght myself a cup of hot-chocolate and sat down in the sun with my dry and not so very exotic sandwiches. But as usually when one is exploring the great outdoors the food tend to taste better than it actually is. The way back to Geilo went around Budalsvatnet and then downhill towards the ski lifts at Havsdalen in order to approach the second greatest challenge of the day: to get down to the valley thought the ski slopes. To say it lightly: I am a good alpine skier but that does not reflect my skills on cross-country skis. I felt really hard about four times in the middle of the beginner slopes in Slaatta and decided to take of my skis and walk the last hundred meters. Except that little incident which was probably fairly interesting to watch for the people who was heading uphill in the ski lift I had a truly amazing day.

A nice sunny afternoon at Budalsvannet on my way back to Geilo



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