Just some casual afternoon skiing

After a very cold night with temperatures down to 20 degrees below I hit the slopes around 14.00 this afternoon. Even if I have created a habit to sleep the whole day when I am workingthe night shift it is possible to get out of bed in good time, especially when you know that the weather is going to be good… So after a quick breakfast/lunch and a coffee I walked the remaining 300 meters to the chair lift in order to enjoy some hours at the mountain.

Loypekart 201516.jpg

The ski system in Geilo is divided between the two sides of the valley. I live next to the system that lies on the sunny side of the valley this time of the year: Geiloheisen which connects to Havsdalen. Whilst Vestilia on the other side also have some really nice slopes but is located in the shadow side, thus if it is cold on the sunny side it will be freezing in Vestlia.  The skiing here is rather easy- no long and steep slope but it is on the other hand the perfect place for the family or the less experienced skier.

Since I will update the photo database at my workplace I got my fair share of freezing and stiff fingers today. But hopefully it resulted in some usable photos (click for larger pictures).

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