Gravset Skistadio, Hemsedal

I had an appointment earlier this afternoon in Hemsedal, approximately 1,15h drive from Geilo, the weather forecast yesterday said cloud with possibility to some sun so I decided to leave a bit earlier and go for a ski-tour. Hemsedal is one the biggest ski-resorts in Norway when it comes to alpine skiing. However since I did not have the whole day to spend  I found it to be rather expensive and unnecessary to just by a half day  ski-pass. Instead I packed my backpack with some sandwiches and a thermos with coffee, went for a hotel breakfast, threw  my cross-country skis in the car and drove down the sunny mountain and traded -12 below for a cloudy  valley. The drive was nice and smooth compared to how it can be to drive in some parts of Norway. Since it was rather good weather the mountain pass up to Hemsedal was open and the Super Skoda made it up-hill with grace.

Since I have only been in Hemsedal once before (11 years ago with the other 9th graders from my school) I headed for the tourist information in order to get some tips on where I could spend 2-3 hours around Hemsedal. The woman at the tourist information was very helpful and suggested that I would drive to Gravset Skistadio where a lot of ski tracks starts. I drove out from a cloudy Hemsedal and to my happiness the road was winding its way slightly uphill and soon I was above the thigh cloud layer that prevented the sun to reach the valley below.

I set out for the 8 kilometre track since I had to be back in Hemsedal around 14.00, and had indeed a really good time. The sun was shining, the view was incredible, and the silence was almost hurting. So if you heading to Hemsedal, don´t forget to drop by Gravset!




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