New home, new challanges

My first week at my new job came to an end at 0815 yesterday morning – I have worked the night shift the last two nights.  So far everything is very good, actually over my expectations. My impression of Geilo so far is mainly positive. There are great possibilities for outdoor activities – gosh I look forward to day-tours and longer detours in the mountains this summer.  The people at work are very nice and so are my work tasks. I have time to hit the slopes some days every week and still have time left for a few hours in the cross-country tracks!

IMG_8379Exploring the surroundings yesterday afternoon the  frosen lake Ustevatnet, Ustaos.

On the downside though and to my big surprise it have been harder to move this time and still is than I imagined. I have been moving quite a lot the last 7-8 years, four countries and even more cities and temporary locations. I am used to pack my bag and to board the plane or the train alone and I have done that more times than I can count so to claim that I it not used to exploring on my own would be an understatement. In other words I am very well aware of that it takes some time to fall into place at a new location. Sometimes it takes a week- other times it takes months.

However, this time it has been and still is to some extent really hard to relocate- hard in a way that I have not experienced before.  Deep down I am very satisfied and happy with my life at the moment;  I have managed to get a job that I like, in a location to allow me to practice all my hobbies (expect from diving deep down into the techno dimension but I guess that can be solved elsewhere). But I miss my best friends and my boyfriend on a level that is totally new to me and it hits me several times every day how I miss to have them around and share my life with them.  Maybe it has to do with me entering into a totally new context with a new job and a new place to live and only that can be hard to cope with. However being in a really awesome and beautiful place like Geilo makes my heart strive even deeper to share it with the people I love, especially those that I know would enjoy it as much as I do.

IMG_8392A glimpse of the skislopes in Geilo behind the trees.

Having my loved ones spread all over the world is challenging but I guess that deep down it also forces you to look beyond that temporary pain that suddenly seems to rise from out of nowhere. The question is, how does one do that and when is it time to tell oneself that it is enough with dwelling in this pain? For the truth is I am living a good life that I should be happy and satisfied with –  and most of the time I am so very grateful for the opportunity I have been given and that I have these people in my life. The only thing that lacks is the physical presence of some of the best people I know, people that I know I soon will see again. During the last year I have started to realize how important it is to be able to meet and get intimate (don’t get me wrong please) with the people you love on a regular basis. But if you are not able to have them close to you in your everyday you have to figure it out another way. We always seem to want more than what we have and at the moment I seem to have everything that I could wish for but still these intense negative emotions arise. Well, I guess that I will not find a solution for this tonight so I might just try to enjoy the moment, looking out at the cold and blue Norwegian mountains with a cup of tea and a good book.

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