2015, another year is comming to an end

We are heading towards the last day of 2015. Yet another year has passed. I do not have so much to say about it- or maybe it is more true to say that I have far too much to say. I do not know how to write out my feelings for this year. I have seen so many fantastic places, my life-context have changed dramatically; I finished 5 years of university studies, I finally embraced my deep love for the great outdoors- every month have been filled with microadventures and I have been blown away by mesmerizing landscapes, over and over again. If that was not enough this year allowed me to re-connect with old friends from all over the world and bought some new amazing souls into my life.

2015 started with an extended weekend with one of my best friends to Berlin, Germany for some big-city adventure and music. The love for music and exploring new places has throughout the years brought me together with a lot of nice people. This year it took me to Narvik in the north of Norway, to Athens in Greece and more than a handful of places in between. Funny enough the year also ended in Germany, but much further south than Berlin. 2015 was the year that I met a very special someone that penetrated my soul and mind in a way that I have never experienced before. Coincidences and similarities in a way that is almost scary but still a profound sense of rightness in a time-space frame.

Missing someone that has such a big place in your heart can hurt and it sure does sometimes- a nerve wrecking pain that penetrates every cell of your body, especially when you are 1000km apart. But it also settles a special way of gratitude towards each other and the beauty of life . If you really love someone distance will not be an obstacle, it is merely one of these annoying pieces of LEGO that you once in a while step on. You are the one that decide to pick it up and throw it away. Where there is love and will there are only opportunities to be found.

Thus, this year has not only been a physical adventure covering vast geographical areas. More than anything it has been an emotional adventure showing me the very depths of my emotional spectrum and encouraging me to open up my heard in a way that I have never done before. I wish that 2016 will continue on the same path; allowing me to see beyond the so called human conditioning  and be able to live the true meaning of life led by the golden light of the universe.

IMG_7802With it arms in the sky and its roots deep in the earth the Tree of Life unites every single entity in our universe. – As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul

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