Sunday, funday in Hovs hallar!

What a weekend, the temperature has sunken quite much the last couple of week but the sun keep on shining. Yesterday morning I drove down to Båstad to pick up my friend Tilda for some Sunday detouring at Hallandsåsen. More particularly in Hovs hallar. Hallandsåsen is a horst that divides the two counties of Halland and Skåne in southern Sweden. The region has a rich history, both geological and historical. 

Hovs hallar is a natural reserve that is located at the very tip of Hallandsåsen at the Bjäre Peninsula. Hovs hallar is a magical place. Not only do one section of the Skåne Trail pass through the reserve, there are plenty more trails to discover, both in the more forestry areas as well as down along the stone formations along the shore. 

We started our 6 hours of exploration by heading north- west on the trail towards Båstad and walked up to Knösen for a coffee break before we took the same trail back and turned our faces towards the sea.


IMG_7885Tilda enjoying the weather and coffe at Knösen


IMG_7889 IMG_7892The first impression of the shoreline was beyond words! It is always nice when you find yourself alone in the great  outdoors together with a person that make the same weird noises and small skips just by the look of something great and then increase the pace to see what’s around the next corner.

IMG_7895 IMG_7896 IMG_7901 IMG_7908

IMG_7915 IMG_7917Hovs hallar is truly a big playground with infinite stone formations, seastacks and rocks to explore. Tilda took the lead, finding the way up to the best viewpoints over the bay of Laholm



An obligatory cave, and of course some mountain goats, the circle of happiness was complete!!


All in all, an incredible day, so good that we have decided to do a 3-day hike in the same area next week. To be continued…

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