Haverdal Naturreservat

Saturday, sun and no work. What to do? Walk of course!!

Today’s detour took place in the Natural Reserve of Haverdal. I parked in Vilshärad, close to the beach and started on the orange trail, heading towards Haverdal. Later I sneaked on to the blue trail and followed that one until I was back on the orange trail. All in all I used approx. 3 hours walking, with a nice break  for tea and writing on the beach and one at the top of the big sand dune in Lynga.

I did only meet a few people during the day, something that suites me quite well. The walk along the stream was really nice, especially if one takes time to get off the marked trail and slide down to the river. Easy and very unchallenging terrain, the only parts that might be considered to be a bit harder is the ones that leads through the sand dunes. However, it is also possible to not walk out to the dunes and instead continue on the trail in the forest.

haverdalOverview of the trail


IMG_7861 IMG_7866 IMG_7871 IMG_7873 IMG_7875

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