Grötvik and Möllegård

September have been insane weather wise. So many sunny and warm days and therefore a lot of good opportunities to explore the neighbourhood.  As I mentioned in another post, I just moved back to Halmstad after 7-8 years abroad. My only visits back to this city in the south-west of Sweden have only been short and even if I have tried to explore new areas it is easy to get wound up in the same old tracks in the areas where I used to go in order to clear my mind.

A few weeks ago I had the Monday of and I spent in in an area close to where i live, Grötvik and Sandhamn. In the area one finds several quarries in different sizes. The biggest one is visible from the road that goes along the seaside and is filled with water. However, the one on the photo below (the third one if one walks towards Tylönsand with the port of Grötvik in the back) cannot be seen from the road.


IMG_7788One of the old quarries in Grötvik/Sandhamn

IMG_7787Happy de-tourer

Another favourite area in Halmstad is Möllegård. During high-school I spend endless hours trying to find my way through the wood with a small plastic map and a compass. School Orientation. God only knows how lost I have been in this small Nature Reserve… The area is really nice, and again located close to where I live so if Im not having one of my lazy days I often spend an hour or so walking to Möllegård before getting lost in the woods. Additionally, there is a really good ice-cream café located at the main entrance to the Nature Reserve, just saying..

Last Saturday was one of the lazy days. I picked up a good (and quite hungover friend) with the goal to take a long walk in the good weather and then conclude it with lunch at the cafe… Let´s put it this way; a short walk, lunch, latte and ice-cream…

IMG_7799The small stream that runs through Möllegård

IMG_7802One of the old oaks in the area

IMG_7804Autumn Fields

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