It´s a good life

Tomorrow the summer is officially over here in Scandinavia and I would dare to say that the autumn approached us already a week ago. The winds have become colder, the evenings darker and the leaves have already started to shift colours. I haven’t written in a while. So much have happened during the last two months that I have not dared to sit down, reflect upon it and dive into the explosion of suppressed emotions and unprocessed experiences that I have gathered this summer. It is hard to create a calm space in a tornado that is constantly spinning faster and faster.  The last week has been full of life and experiences as usual but I also sat down and meditated every day, no matter how unpleasant is was. Consequently one of these “minor” breakdowns occurred where you don’t know what is up or down, when tears of despair is mixed with tears of happiness and flashes of total calmness, just to be interrupted by some big and dark waves of anxiousness and panic. But as everything else in life, it passes. The energy has to be let out no matter how painful it is in order to be transformed to something creative and full of life.

Summer is over, I have moved back to Halmstad in southern Sweden. I did not plan to stay here and had told myself by the beginning of June that I would be on my way to more mountainous regions by the 1th of September. But I will stay here until December since I have got a good job offer here. I rent a little house from my parents,  I have found some decent mountain bike tracks and a horse to ride. I’m closer to my best friends down in Copenhagen then I have been before and I have had a truly amazing summer together with people that is out of this world!  But most importantly, the end of one season open up the unlimited opportunities from experiencing another; the lovely autumn with darker nights, the smell of rain, wet leaves and dirt, and of course new possibilities to experience the surrounding areas and travel  to never visited places.


Last weekend in Christiania, Copenhagen

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