Læsø – part 2

We went to bed quite early the day before, shared the last candy and got wrapped up in our sleeping bags.  We agreed that we probably were to woke up early the day before since  the sun rises early in Scandinavia during summers. However, a hectic period for both of us resulted in that we did not crawl out of our sleeping bags until 10.00 AM.

IMG_7608Spending the first waken hour to listen to the woods and the screaking trees

IMG_7610Breakfast and morning contemplation

Even if the night had been windy along the  coast, and we could hear the wind, we did not feel it during the night or the morning since we camped out in the woods. Whilst having breakfast Anja did some reading from my Rumi book, which resulted in some insightful discussions over live and where we are in our lives at the moment.

After taking down the tent we headed straight out to the southern shore of the island. We had to jump some cow-fences and the Danish cows looked at us like we were some kind of aliens with our big backpacks. We headed south along the beach for an hour and a half or so before we decided to turn right up to the main road on the island due to heavy winds. The beach at this part of the island was rather surrealistic, white long beaches where it was hard to separate the horisont from the sea.

IMG_7613Windy walk on the beach

We walked on the paved bike path along Österbyvejen until we came to the road cross at Normarksvej. I had manage to forget the coffe at home,  and we hoped to find some at a restaurant and a farmers store (Juuls Gårdbutik) at Normarksvej 1.  Unfortunately we did not find coffee, but we bought ourselves some Coca Cola, candy and knäckebröd (Swedish hardbread). The owner of the shop was from Sweden and as always it was nice to speak some Swedish and to our surprise he offered us one of the homemade smoked sausages for free. Too bad that Anja is a vegetarian, good for me that I am a very undisciplined and hypocritical vegan.


After an hours break with yoga, stretching and some food we continued our walk. We decided to take to the left on Linievejen back towards Vesterhavnand the ferry. Linievejen turned out to be as the name indicates in Danish straight as a line, and very long.  We turned right in the crossing  at Linievejen/Storedalsvej and thereafter continued to the left on Vestre Skråvej and thereafter on to Plantagevej until we reached Vesterhavn around 18.00 PM and finally got out coffee before we took the ferry back to Fredrikshavn at 18:40 and drove back to Aalborg.

IMG_7625Back in Vesterhavn,  sore feets and coffee, o happy days!

The walking on the second day was rather undramatic, except the first part on the beach. However, all in all I recommend a short trip to  Læsø  if one is visiting northern Denmark,  but is isnt´t really a hiking mekka, to much paved roads for my taste :). Renting a bike and just go around the island would be another option, however if one want to see the cool beaches exploring by feet is to recomend.

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