Two day hike at Læsø – part 1

The yearly post-exam hike took place at Læsø this year. Læsø is a small island, located 90 minutes with ferry from Fredrikshavn, northern Denmark and is famous for its production of salt, and yeah, probably something more.  We drove from Aalborg in order to catch the 11.30 ferry and parked the car next to the ferry terminal in Fredrikshavn since it should be cheaper to not bring the car with us. However, I somehow managed to pay for four day parking instead of two, so one can wonder if it actually might have been cheaper to park the car at one of the free parking-lots at Laesö.

While doing some research about hikingtrails on Læsø , I did not find that much information – the only piece of information that I found was a Pdf document with a map and a small description about “Hiking all around Læsø ” from 2011. But hey, it is an island, so how hard can it be, there are always beaches to walk on?

Pdf – Hiking around Læsø

Our route:


This perception was partly affirmed when we arrived to Læsø and stepped into the tourist information- the Pdf document that I had found was outdated but still usable according to the lady behind the information desk. We asked about campsites, since Denmark is the only Scandinavian country that do not have allemansrätt (Freedom to roam). She said that camping one night would probably not be a problem if we took all our trash with us. She handed us a small folder about hiking the northern shore of the island, did a not on our big backpack and wished us good luck before we headed out in the chilly and windy summer.

However, we found some brochures about the island on the ferry which all contained maps over the island, and seen in a retro-perspective I would say that the combination of them, and the Pdf-file worked out fine for us.

We started to follow the northern shore, leading towards Österby Havn whilst the sun was playing peek-a-boo with us. The wind was blowing heavily from the south, so we were lucky to have it at our backs the whole day. The beach was relatively easy to walk on, but we found a small trail that was running parallel with the beach which we joined after a while. We switched between walking on the beach, and this trail when we found it all the way up to Österby.



IMG_7585Anja, heading north from Vesterö

IMG_7588Happy Hikers at the white and empty beaches of the northern shore


After approx. 2 hours we took a short break behind an old rescue house and recharged our batteries with sandwiches and some nuts. Funny enough, two other swedes showed up from nowhere, asking if this was the right trail. And as usual when hiking in Denmark our answer was something along the lines that we have no clue due to the lack of good marking, but how lost could one actually get?At this point we were about half way to Österby and the second leg probably took us about two hours to walk, mainly on the beach. Once upon arrival in Österby we headed straight to the only open restaurant for some coffee, a visit to the toilet and of course to refill our water bottles before continuing the walk up north in search for a campsite.

IMG_7594Coffee and Candy in Österby havn

We started of by following the beach, but soon realised that there was a trail on the other side of the sand dunes, protection us from the wind. We followed this trail for a few kilometres until we came to the parking lot at the end of Jegens Vej.  We decided to leave the trail behind and follow Jegens Vej (paved road). The paved road changed name to Kongenshusvej after a while and turned into a grassy path that seemed to mainly be used by the summer guests that had cottages and houses along the road.  Half way down to the southern shore we crossed a field and got into the woods in order to pitch out tent for the night. We had been looking forward for a bonfire the whole day, but the dry ground in combination with the wind did not allow us to enjoy the fire this particular evening. Nevertheless, Swedish beer, fresh tortellini and pesto waited for us.

IMG_7597Österby Havn seen from the beach located north of the village

IMG_7603Our neighbours for the night

IMG_7605Girls night out, dinnertime

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