Anticlimax ^ 10000

So the day finally came. Yesterday I handed I my master thesis. Master Thesis. Did I even plan to go to the university? It is weird. 5 years and now it is over, what an anticlimax. I just have to go back to Aalborg and defend it on the 22nd of June and then I´m done. Free to do whatever I feel for, go wherever I want. Those job applications will be distributed all over the world.  Insanely happy and scared at the same time.

Yesterday was therefore spent on sleeping and celebrating and after a night out in Aalborg I’m more than ready to go to  spend two weeks in Athens at a friend’s place. If I got it right he´ll already purchased tickets for Fritz Kalkbrenner and Worakls on the 12th of June! Aalborg, Jomfru Ane Gade, what a fucking place. Haha, but what to do? Enjoy your Redbull and glas of water (can you make it look like a Gin and Tonic? You know, people freak out if they know that you do not drink. You cannot be social, relaxed, open-minded have deep coversations and being happy if you’re not at least a bit tipsy) smile and wave, smile and wave!

So, coffee, The Sounds, cleaning, packing and a last walk and meditation in the park. I´ll catch the late ferry to Gothenburg tonight and will be at my parents place around 02.00 if I’m lucky. Catching up with friends in Halmstad tomorrow, Copenhagen and more amazing people on Monday and then Greece on Tuesday.

Love and Light, what is there not be happy for?


Oh Aalborg, you can be beautiful, but first and foremost you are just a very claustrophobic place.

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