Life is like a good techno track, just pure movement through space and time

Back in Aalborg. Back to what I once considered to be my base, a place that I before told myself was my only safe spot.  It is funny how your understanding of belonging changes when you get to know yourself better. When you are acknowledging that life is merely motion and change that is enhanced by experiences and the subtle idea of universal love and non-attachment to the physical, these places stop to hold any meaning. The is no real need for a geographical place to belong to, nor people to whom you can claim to be your safe spot when you tell yourself that you are not safe in your own space, in your own mind and body. The concept of meaning and belonging is just a mental process.  And as long as I am able to calm my mind I am safe wherever I go and with everyone I encounter.  I have cached myself laughing and smiling like what some would refer to as an insane person those times when I seem to realize that everything is just as it should be and I am just letting it take me where I am supposed to be.

Thesis is going very well, back on track with the horses in Aalborg, coffee with old friends, time for some well needed isolation and meditation (oh how I love to spend time alone).The days have been spent on doing what I love and the evenings on studying.  I´ll leave for Sweden, Copenhagen and then Athens on the 30th of May. There is something about the feeling of always being on my way somewhere that fills me with an indescribable sense of calm. Instead of feeling trapped and anxious about missing out on the world and the human experience it allows be to truly see the beauty in where I am at the moment and in every single person who enters my life, to learn and get a deeper understanding of why I am and why everyone else are at the moment.  My anticipation about meeting up with some of most amazing people I know in less than three weeks is hard to describe, I will most likely be more pure and relievingthan handing in my master thesis.  But first; two more weeks in Aalborg, and I sure will enjoy them with my hearth and soul.


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