The Dictionary Of Obscure Sorrows

Some months ago I stumbeld over a truly fantastic Youtube channel; The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows.

Every single of his videos are touching upon something I imagine that everyone have felt once. He is putting words on those feelings that we often talk about, but cannot really hit spot on since we are restricted by our vocabulary. I have inserted some of my favourite videos and words, and I would recommend a visit to his Youtube channel!

“Until you can´t tell the difference between the normal and the epic and you stop waiting around for some other memory to arrive”

“we sketch monsters on the map because we find their presence comforting, they guard the edges on the abyss and force us to look away so we can live comfortably in the known world, at least for a little while”

“It’s the kind of basic human vulnerability that we’d all find familiar, but is still somehow surprising when we notice it in others. It’s an open question why we have such public confidence, and such private doubts.”

“but there in the background, faint and out of focus, are the extras. The random passersby. Each living a life as vivid and complex as your own”.

“but there is time when you look up and realise that the plot of your life doesent make sence to you anymore

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