It is funny how something you have feared suddenly turn into something you welcome with open arms, almost longing for it to happen.

After I graduated high school I have been living on 6 different places in 4 different countries, and travelled even more, and what is never avoidable is to break up and move on. As I wrote in my last post I´m leaving Narvik for Denmark next Monday, and then I did not feel ready for leaving, not at all. Somehow I manage to forget that I always get ready, it might be a month before I actually leave or it might be a week or just a day, but that subtle feeling of being ready to leave something behind and move on always settle, always. And it happened this Saturday when I was eating breakfast. The spring have arrived.

Spring is a wonderful time of year, but on snow-covered places the beginning of spring is a mix of a rather depressing and short transit towards summer. The snow melts away, everything people have been throwing away sneaks out, dog-shit, dog-shit and some more dog-shit. On the other hand, the days are getting longer, the sun is rising at 04.30 and sets just after 21.00 you can smell the earth and the birds are back. All the sand and pebbles are removed from the streets and sidewalks since they no longer serve a purpose. The whole city is slowly moving on, waiting for the summer to come, but until that there will be some grey and brown weeks until the grass gets its colour back and the leaves burst. And this Saturday, during breakfast my Facebook wall was full of pictures of spring, green parks and flowers and I think that I am more than ready for that now.



We spent the Sunday afternoon at the top of a diving platform. The seagulls are back and so is the smell of sea.

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