Ja jag vill leva jag vill dö i Norden

Time is passing by fast. It is already the middle of March and I am heading south for isolating myself at the university library in less than one and a half month before handing in my thesis the 29th of May. One and a half month left up north. For this time.  I have booked a ticket for Athens on the 2nd of June and I will spend two weeks in Greece visiting a friend before going back to my thesis defence in the end of June. I have never been to Greece so my expectations are high. I hope that my private guide can show me the best techno underground clubs, empty beaches and of course; some nice mountain hikes. So the coming months will just as the last nine be about travelling, meeting friends, ends and new beginnings.

But that is in the future and thus does not yet exist. The last weeks here have as usual been amazing, at least from an outdoor lover’s perspective. Too little focus on the thesis and quite a lot time spent outside, the spring seems to have come to Narvik but I guess that the weather will change in one or two weeks.

(Click for larger pictures)


A few weekends ago I went up to the Swedish boarder in order to buy some cheap food (and a lot of Grill Chips). I stopped by at Langstranda, approx. 20 minutes north of Narvik on my way back and got some nice pictures.



Sunny afternoon in Narvik Harbour in the end of February, Ankenes to the right and LKAB´s shipping port to the right.


Once a horse-girl always a horse-girl. I have found an amazing stable in Ballangen, south of Narvik. Arctic Ranch offers trail riding on American Paint and Quarter Horses,  western style of course! They also breed an sell horses, and Welsh Ponies. Absolutely  worth a visit if you are hanging around in the Narvik region.


Mother and daugther, Scotch and Dollie. So I spend quite a lot of my time driving to Ballangen, shoveling shit, riding and just enjoying being around horses and amazing people.28 feb-7

The last days have invited to some really nice walks in the mountains around Narvik. This Sunday I went to Funnhytta in Töttadalen. 8*C, sun and coffee in a termos.

28 feb-8

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