The sun is back and so am I

It has been some busy weeks since I last wrote. I have celebrated New Years in Norway with my family,  I have spent time in Malmö and Copenhagen with friends that I haven´t seen for a very long time, went over to my apartment in Aalborg in order to fix some practical things at my university before heading to Berlin for an extended weekend with one of my best friends (and what a weekend). Back to Sweden for a week and then the 26hour train (which became the 35 hour train due to heavy snowfalls and technical problems with the rails) up north the 31th of January.

So, I am back in Narvik since the first of February and it have been an intense month, and as a result a very good and educational month in more than one way… but that is another story.  I have participated in site inspections tours, I started to write on my master thesis, I have found a stable with lovely people and fantastic horses  approximately 40 minutes south of Narvik ,which resulted in an cancelled gym membership (gas money  is more important than a six pack…), I have not meditated enough,  which in turn have resulted in minor breakdowns when I finally have taken time for an inward journey :P, but first and foremost I have had some amazing conversations with the people that I value the most. What would I do without Skype? It is impossible to feel lonely when you know that you have friends  who really “get it” spread all over the world, even if  you would do anything to be together with this people, if so only for a second or two. Love, Love, Love.

So, some pictures of my February up north, and please,  try to imagine the tunes of Johnny Cash- The man who comes around.

(Click for larger pictures)Visit Narvik_

Rombaksbotn, seen from Ofoten Railway on our way up to Riksgränsen, Sweden.

Visit Narvik_-4

-20*C and beautiful light at Riksgränsen

Visit Narvik_-8

At Tinja Mountain Lodge, located on E10 between Riksgränsen and Narvik.

Visit Narvik_-9

Hot chocolate in the lavvu at Tinja Mountain Lodge

Visit Narvik_-10

A restaurant with a view; Tinja Mountain Lodge

Visit Narvik_-14

At Fjellkysten, Lavangen

Visit Narvik_-27

The Boat Museum in Gratangen

Visit Narvik_-34

Little Jamaica, Morgan Skip, Gratangen

Visit Narvik_-35

Morgan Skip, Gratangen

Visit Narvik_-38

Foldvikbryggeferie, Gratangen


A sunday walk in the hills around Narvik.


And finally, the sun is back!!

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