Roldskov, South of Aalborg: Part 1

As mentioned in the post “ Roldskov (Rold Forest), North Jutland Denmark” I am going to write two or three more post on Roldskov, a recretional area located south of Aalborg, So, this will be the first one.

roldskov karta

The  route showed above (click for larger picture) is possible to walk it in both directions, both starting and ending at the train station in Skørping. I usually do a lot of detouring, since I have a tendency to not keep to the marked trail. However, the route marked on the map above is following the marked trails, with exception from the dotted parts. Depending on season, amount of detouring and off-trail exploring, I usually spend 4-7 hours in the area.

 So, let the adventure begin!

After getting of the train, you will go to the right on Sverriggårdvej (the road on which the train station is located). Thereafter, turn to the right onto Himmerlandsvej, crossing the railroad. Continue straight on in the roundabout, and when you just have passed the school, you will take to the right, up in the forest (see the picture below).


You have now turned  right from the main road and will enter a dense pine forest. The trail takes you down towards Bjergeskov and Nørreskov and the pine is changed for beech forest.


Walking throught the beech forest in March 2013


Soon leaving the forest beind before entering the open fields.

Continuing along the trail, you will after a while leave the forest and enter the fields. The trail continues along some horse pasturages and passes through a small horse farm. After a while you will pass Lille Blåkilde, a small well with drinkable water and you will now be able to notice the hills of Rebild Bakker. There are several trails leading to Rebild Bakker, but I usually take the one which are to be found just after the small well on the left hand side. This trail will take you up in a small “valley” though the beech forest onto the top of Rebild Bakker, giving you a nice view over the surrounding countryside.


Horse pasturages and the Gravlev lake in the background.


Lille Blåkilde (the Lille blåkilde well)


The small “valley” leading to Rebild Bakker


Rebild Bakker in January 2014. Just before the road disappears around the corner, the trail continues on the other side of the road.

If you would like to continue on the trail which I use to take, cross the road, either continuing onto the hills on the other side of the road, or enter the pine forest. Again; there are several trails to choose from, and these are only my suggestions… If you decide to take the trail leading to Vaederskov and Troldskoven, you will as mentioned enter through the pine forest which after a while will turn into airy beech forest.

After some kilometres you will reach the end of the trail (Number 46 at the map), the parking-lot at Grøndalen. As you can see the trail continues at Store Økssø (dotted route). What you do is that you follow the gravel road that starts just after the fireplace located close to number 46. You should pass two road crossings, and after the second one you will come to some very nice white half-timbered houses and you will most likely be able to see the lake from here. Just continue straight on with the white houses on your left. After some 100 meters the road enter the forest, turns and goes a bit uphill. Just continue to you arrive at what seems to be private ground. There will be a red house and the lake is now clearly visible behind it. If you look to the right of the house there will be a small path (red dots on picture) just in the edge of the wood continuing the last 100 meters down to the trail which goes around the lake.


 Store Økssø in March 2013

There are many ways around the lake, but all of them lead to the parking-lot named “Store Økssø”. Close to the parking-lot a restaurant is located, as well as toilets where you can refill your water bottle.  Now, you might want to turn your face towards Skørping again, and you can choose between two options. Either you continue on the left side of the railroad, or you´ll take the trail continuing behind the toilets towards Den Jyske Skovhave (the Jutland Woodland Garden). The garden is an enclosure, since it is allowed to let your dog run for free in the area; thus, if you are afraid of dogs you might want to choose the other option. However, the garden contains over 130 different trees and bushes from all over the world.

The both trails will meet again at the end (or entrance if you are walking from the other direction) of the Woodland Garden. You will continue through the forest on the right side of the railroad. The trail is not marked (or very poorly marked), but you will continue straight on until the trail splits into two, one that continues straight on, and another which are to be found on your right hand side, leading up a small hill and will then turn to the left and after some 100 meters you will be out on the road, leading back to the train station in Skørping.


House located along the trail after the Woodland Garden (if you a walking in the direction towards Skørping

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