The rocky road to Narvik

The 21th of July 2014 I embarked on a short journey of some 2000km. I had owned my car for about 4 weeks, but hadn’t been driving for about four years. I was heading north, and my end destination was Narvik, Norway.  I put seven days aside for my journey up north and planned several stops during the trip. And what a trip it was. The fact that I lacked driving skills and had very poor knowledge about the speed-limits in Norway and general behaviour in the traffic was a minor problem compared to the outstanding scenery that was waiting around every corner (and for those who have been driving in Norway know that there are very few straight roads), which made me focus on everything except the road


Norway has been said to be the most beautiful country in the world, and I am ready to agree on that.


Driving along road 17 to Brønnøy


At Torghatten Camping. Hurtigruten is leaving Brønnøysund


The Polar Centre at the arctic circle at Saltfjell


On my way up to Steigtinden, Bodö


Driving through Ballangen, south of Narvik, the first rain on the entire trip finally fell, but the surrounding was not less spectacular for that sake.

I aim to write about my small adventures up in the North. There are  a lot of very good information about trails, peaks and places worth visit in the Narvik region. However, most of the information are written in Norwegian, and you have to spend some time on searching the internet or spend quite a lot of money on books (at least for a student..). Furthermore, every country have their own outdoor traditions, and some things are culturally entombed and probably nothing the natives think about, but as a foreigner you might have questions about thing which locals have never thought about, since it is, and might have always been a part of their culture.

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