Recreational Areas within Aalborg: Golfparken (Sohngårdholmsparken on Google Maps)

Golfparken is located close to the university campus and easy accessible by bike or buss and do consist of two parks. The bigger Golfparken, and the smaller Sohngårdholmsparken.In Sohngårdholmsparken (Located close to Humlebakken and Sohngårdholmsvej) you will find the small “castle” Sohngårdholm.

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sohgårdholms slot

Sohngårdholm castle in November

There are many ways into the park, but I usually walk through the residential area which is located next to the collegium (the name of the road is Bøgesvinget/Golfbakken) on the top of Hadsundvej. Bus number 12 (direction to University) takes you here, and the name of the bus top is Sofievej Syd. Another alternative is entering from Th.Sauers vej. catch one of the busses number 2 (Direction Klarup, Gistrup, etc). The name of the bus stop would be “Scoresbysundvej (Bertil Ohlinsvej)”.

It is a nice and quiet park with several running and walking trail crosses the park and the surrounding small forest, and some people use the park for mountain biking. In the park there is a 6-hole public golf course. You do not need a Greengard to play, but you have to bring you own golf clubs.

The Urania Obeservatory (Urania Observatoriet) which belongs to North Jutland Astronomical Club for Amateurs is also located here. It has Denmark’s largest public refracting telescope and is open for the public every Wednesday 19.30-22.00 (during September to may). For more information visit: In connection to the Observatory you will find the “Planetary Path” which brings you through the park, and through our solar system. Since the park is quite big, it makes the perfect spot to watch the starts or the moon on clear night, just remember to bring a headlamp or a flashlight.


March moon 2014

Furthermore, a small farm is located in on of the corners of the park. The farm belong to a youth centre for 4th to 7th grade children located at Grønlandstorv (FriStedet), and you will notice, there are horses (mainly Icelandic horses) grassing in the area, which also belongs to the farm.

Did you climb a lot of trees as a kid? The small forest have a loooot of good climbing threes, even for us that are over 20 years old and probably weigh more than 40 kilos. The majority of them are located close to Idraetsbyn (The Sportscollegium) at Hadsunddvej, and offers a good view over the area!


Sunday tree climbing!!

Map over the park:


Yellow: Golf course

Pink: Good climbing threes

Light Blue: Urania Observatory

Purple: The Farm

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